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Muhammad Aslam

Shahid Mehmood

WICON Valves in Pakistan is united  in a set  of  core  values that enhances our  product  offering  and  embody  who we  are,  both  as an individual  and as a company. We owe much of our success  to the  capability, experience  and enthusiasm of our employees who possess high technical abilities to achieve high quality product processed under top quality  management  system.  We  have  always   achieved  success  in  winning the  satisfaction  of  our  customers by  providing  them  high  quality  product  on  very reasonable  prices.  Above  all,  we  have  the  intention  to contribute  towards  economy  of  Pakistan  as  well.

Valves in Pakistan as per Standards

WICON valves are manufactured in  an incorporated valve manufacturing unit where each phase such  as casting,  machining,  assembling  and  testing  has  been  processed  as  per  international  laid  down  standards  and procedures.

Main products: Gate,  Globe,  Check,  Strainer ,  Butterfly  and  Ball  Valves.

Applications: Regulation and control of Oil and Gas, Hot and cold Water ,  Fluids, Air ,  Steam, Raw and Sea Water.

Warranty: We  ensure  desired  quality  of  valves  and  offer  warranty  for  free  replacement  of  our  products  for  a period  of  36  months  to  our  clients


At WICON Valves, the concept of  “Quality That Lasts” is more than a corporate slogan, it’s a daily business imperative that drives our design, production, testing and service.


To introduce most developed and innovative valve designs by focusing especially on quality, ease of operation, simple in-line maintenance and above all to enhance the operational durability.

We plan on expanding and performing our business in a sustainable manner that is profitable for us and our clients at the same time.

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