Wicon industrial valve



Our Valves in Pakistan are manufactured in an incorporated valve manufacturing unit where each phase such as casting, machining, assembling, and testing is processed as per international laid down valve standards and procedures. Which makes us leading valve suppliers in Pakistan to various industries.

Wicon is ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Which currently supplies valves in Pakistan. Wicon also provides Butterfly Valves in Pakistan with Pneumatic Actuators. Wicon Valves manufactures top quality industrial valves in Lahore.

Valves in Pakistan Valves in Lahore

Valves in Pakistan

At WICON we manufacture Valves that are used to regulate, control, and direct the pathway or flow of fluids by opening and closing numerous passageways such as valves used in industries, oil and gas, water and irrigation, housing societies, and HVAC.

Valves in Lahore Valves in PakistanWICON is the only company which is manufacturing both Cast Steel and Cast-Iron valves in Lahore. We are offering a vast variety of valves in Lahore and all over valves in Pakistan. Our main Products include:


      • Gate Valves
      • Globe Valves
      • Check Valves
      • Strainer Valves
      • Butterfly Valves
      • Ball Valves


Our material range includes:

      • Cast Iron Valves
      • Ductile Iron Valves
      • Cast Steel Valves
      • Stainless Steel Valves

Functions of Valves

Following are the functions of valves;

      • Opening and starting of flow
      • Increase or decrease of flow
      • Controlling the direction of flow
      • Adjusting and synchronizing the flow and its process pressure
      • Alleviate a pipe system of specific pressure

Designs of Valves

We manufacturer Valves in Pakistan with an aim to reduce imports of Valves in Pakistan. In this regard, we manufacture multiple types of valves at industrial level.

Every type of valve is made for a specific purpose. Keeping these specific purposes in consideration, we manufacture a wide range of Valves in Lahore including, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Butterfly Valves, Non-Return Valves, Ball Valves, etc.